Common Travel Package Options for Your Antarctica Holiday

Doing your research on trips to Antarctica, you might be surprised to see such big disparities in pricing from one company to another. So why is this? This can be several reasons for this, such as the ship quality and the tour operator’s reputation. But of course, no factor could have as much impact on your costs as your selected tour package.

Cheap Tour One thing’s for certain: if a tour provider is offering you a crazy cheap, there’s probably something crazy about it. It could be a poorly trained staff, an aged vessel or perhaps a very short period of time that you can spend on the continent itself. but the experience will likely be as cheap.

Luxury Package

There are so many luxury cruise ships that travel to antarctica , and if this is the experience you’re into, then you’ll be thrilled. These ships offer every comfort you can imagine, from swimming pools to tennis courts to gourmet menus and more. Luxury Antarctic cruises may also include flight tickets to the Peninsula, which means you can skip the Drake Passage, the roughest seas in the world, if you want to. And then there are much longer trips, like those that go from Montevideo in Uruguay, for instance, all the way to Valparaiso in Chile. As you might expect, such bespoke experiences can be worth too much - as much as $25,000 or even more sometimes! Does visiting Antarctica really have to cost you that big? Maybe not because the ships typically have a very large holding capacity.

Last-Minute Bookings

You may have heard about quality Antarctica cruises priced below USD$5000. These are actually last-minute deals, and when they say last minute, you can take take it literally. And often, you will have to go all the way to Ushuaia to be on local tour providers’ waiting lists. If an opening comes up, like when people call off their booking, you might be considered  for the vacated slot. However, they usually advise two or three days prior, so you might spend a whole week or more in Ushuaia, waiting to hear.

The Solution

Like everyone else, you want a reputable and responsible  luxury travel agents sydney, but what if you don’t have the money to pay a lot? Tip: go for the least expensive cabin on the ship! Your Antarctica experience will be the same - from services to destinations to activities and more - except that you won’t be sleeping in a plush room. You won’t be staying in there a lot anyway. Discover more in this link: